Decadence Arizona 2015


Algorythym was honored to help ring in the new year in TWO different states! 

We love our family in Arizona and had a blast designing this unique environment

just for you!

These exclusive pieces really stood out and made the celebration just that much more special.

Until 2017...

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Wakarusa 2014 @ Mulberry Mountain, Arkansas

Algorythym takes over WAKARUSA!!!

We hope you checked out our installations that are custom built and designed for Mulberry Mountain. This year's Wakarusa featured a 1500' Inflatable Tunnel called "Rainbow Road" and was be a beacon for campers all throughout the festival. The tunnel featured (30) - 25' Inflatable Arches custom made to fit the walkway from the entrance of Wakarusa to the Midway. The colors spanned the entire spectrum of a rainbow giving a solid distinction of where your camp was! The Inflatable tunnel will also featured lighting to help guide you along the path. Check out the photos!!


We also created an inflatable art installation inside the forest of the Satellite Stage. This install featured 7 Moroccan style lanterns that actually functioned as REAL LANTERNS. The different colors caused rich illuminated colors to fill the forest canopy. It also caused a whimsical space that was loved by everyone! Be sure to ask us how to make your space more vibrant!!

Feel free to contact us to make your next event a pure spectacle!!

Thanks to Pipeline Productions and The Wakarusa Art Department for bringing us on!!

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Algorythym In Ibiza!

 Algorythym, along with Life in Color, took over Wednesday nights at the world's biggest nightclub, PRIVILEGE!

Privilege is an enormous venue with 80' ceilings. Algorythym was asked to decorate and "fill in" the gigantic voids... 

Inflatables at Privilege

Challenge Accepted!

 Inflatable LIC Towers

20' Inflatable Jellies

Huge thank-yous to Life in Color and everyone at Privilege that made Wednesdays in Ibiza spectacular! We hope to see you all there next season!



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Further Future Voyage :: Robot Heart

Awesome news - Algorythym Designs will be contributing to the first annual Further Future voyage in Las Vegas this weekend! Stay tuned to see the real deal! Congrats to Robot Heart for extending the experience from the Playa! See you in the future....


Here she is! We hope to see you next year for Voyage II. We can't wait to enhance Rocket into your technological dreams!

Inflatable Robot Head


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