UME 2015

We've been hard at work for the last week making UME 2015's first impression one that lasts!

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UME 2015 :: South Padre Texas

Thanks to Global Groove Events, Disco Donnie Presents and Sugar Society...

We are gracious to be invited BACK to South Texas' biggest and best music festival! 

This year we will be building an Aerial 'Coral' Garden above the crowd and an entrance that will rival even the biggest festivals in the world!

The entrance will feature a truss structure to corral guest and serve as a mounting surface for over 30 light fixtures. The fixture will work in unison to provide a colorful bio-luminescent feel. Every bit of tropical foliage will be painted with purple and blue hues with splashes of pink and yellow.


Stay tuned for the final product!!




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Burning Man 2014


Ladies and Gentleman....

I would like to introduce you to my project for Burning Man 2014....

We are in the process of developing a Mutant Vehicle that will feature a 20' Diameter Disco Ball that rotates... blossoms like a lotus... and blows fire with Cryogenics! The Vehicle will also feature plush seating, intelligent lighting and an LED package that can pretty much be seen from space. The vehicle and frame will be constructed from of a gutted 6 axle M35a2 military vehicle. It will play host to 600 sq ft of dance and lounge space on the main deck. The vehicle will also host a full color laser system and 15,000 watts of JBL sound fully equipped for rotating DJ's. We would eventually offer this vehicle as a premium for larger festival VIP packages and could host branding for liquor sponsors or promotional companies.  


From the creator Alan Endorfun--

"Imagine a technological structure worthy of any festivals main stage being able to pull up anywhere without notice. Only to be recognized as a mirror ball upon it's arrival. State of the art lighting and Led's bring the mirrored structure to life adding visual stimulation and you become comfortable, believing that what you see is what you get... Until.... Once there is energy in the air the vibe is at it's peak. The massive mirror ball breaks open like a lotus flower while dramatic rolling fog escapes through the cracks. The structure has completely "transformed" before your eyes. Out of nowhere.... The flower stamen emits 30' fireballs into the sky along with cool cryogenic blasts into the crowd and a full spasm of lighting and lasers fill the air around you. As the crowd builds out of pure curiosity, excitement and amazement.... The lotus transforms back into a mirror ball and drives away as if it was only an illusion!"

... Welcome to Diskopella!


Stay Tuned to this blog for more details on how to be a part of the amazing project!!






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Decadence NYE 2013

The New Year always brings hope and good fortune for the future as we know it. With that said, we wanted to create an area that would transcend warmth and beautiful enlightenment.  So... This year Algorythym Designs emabarked on their first LED filled project at Denver's premier NYE event... DECADENCE!!! The event featured the likes of PRETTY LIGHTS, BASSNECTAR, TIESTO, DADA LIFE, ABOVE AND BEYOND, NERVO, BEATS ANTIQUE.... and many more. An estimated 55,000 people attended and paid witness to this amazing project.


The installation consisted of over 1000' of inflatable tubing and 1000' of 15w Epistar Pixel Tape. The project took over 125 man hours to complete and enough cable to stretch across 50 football fields. The footprint of the piece was 200' x 100' rectangular. 


Below is a photo gallery of the process from design to completion. We hope this will offer a glimpse on how to make your event in 2014 filled with custom immersive environments... ENJOY!!!



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